Helps for Home Education

This is a great place to get started (especially if you live in NC)–the very helpful website, NCHE, North Carolinians for Home Education.  It will guide you to DNPE, where you can register to be a true “homeschooler!” And enjoy all the freedom to educate in ways that make sense for your children.
Here’s a page that describes 5 common styles of home education.

A website that Teresa mentioned: Homeschool Co-op Ideas

Curriculum Reviews:

Easy Peasy:

Greatest Writing Program:  (Especially good for reluctant students!)

To Buy Used Curriculum:

The wonderful curriculum that Teresa used:

The marvelous curriculum Brenda (my friend in NY) used:

Five in a Row, great program designed for large families:

And last, but definitely not least! …..a community of homeschooling parents who are reading all sorts of “Great Books” together and having lots of fun, led by two of my best homeschooling friends (from our Classed email list) It is The Literary Life Podcast.