Til We Have Faces – C.S. Lewis

September 17, 2015 ~ Cupid & Psyche (from Apuleius’ Golden Ass)

To give ourselves some background for this novel by Lewis, we are reading the original Cupid & Psyche myth from Apuleius first. It was a story within a novel–yes!–one of the few novels surviving from the Roman era.  You can find this myth here as an excerpt from The Golden Ass by Apuleius. We discussed this on September 17th: 

Come on over at 8 pm (Eastern Time) — and come ready to discuss the following:

1)What is the myth all about?
2) What is the significance of the hiddenness of Cupid?
3) What does it show about envy?
4) Bring up your own ideas about this myth.

Illustration of a scene in Cupid & Psych
Illustration of a scene in Cupid & Psych

November 12, 2015 ~ Discussion of Lewis’ Til We Have Faces


This is the first time I’ve led a discussion about this book, and only the second time that I’ve read the book; so, rather than come up with my own study guide, let’s use this one that a C.S. Lewis Book Club made available on their website here. See the links in the left-hand column.  I took the club’s study guide linked above and turned it into a PDF. Til We Have Faces Guide

Follow this link to listen to a lecture by Peter Kreeft.

Here is another great resource from Whitworth University.