Summer Latin

Summer Intro Latin
Have you been dabbling around with Latin for years, but wish that you could actually read and compose a Latin sentence? This is your chance to intensively study the grammar and syntax of Latin. By the end you will be able to express a few things in Latin, and much more easily translate passages.

Yes! This is for you: moms, dads, tutors, or grandparents!

This is a thorough study of Latin grammar and syntax for homeschooling moms, tutors, or for anyone who needs to get a handle on the basics of Latin! These live and interactive online sessions give you all the basic concepts that you will need to teach your children Latin. You will learn how a Latin sentence works–plus, how to use Latin in simple conversation games with your children!

This Intensive Beginning Latin Course consists of 12 pre-recorded and 6 live online (via Zoom) sessions:
Days: Monday/Thursday
Time: 12 Noon – 1:15 pm
Dates: June 10-27, 2019
All live sessions are recorded so that you may be able to review them at your leisure. PLUS! You will be given free access to 12 extra pre-recorded sessions to take your study even further along after the workshop is over!

Cost: $175.00
Text/workbook: Latina Ponti (A free PDF of the text/workbook is included in this price!)
If you’d like a printed workbook, it is sold below–and at a discount until May 1st!
Buy the texbook at Lulu now!
This text contains the lessons, homework exercises, plus a Key to the Practicum in each lesson! The key to the homework is in a separate teacher’s guide.

To register, send an email:

Include your name, address, and phone number. Also, please include a brief description of what and where you’ve studied Latin previously.


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