Latin Workshops For Parents and Mentors

Wednesday afternoons through the Summer 2014

Themes Covered in the Workshops:

  • Why is Latin called an "inflected" language?
  • The symmetry of the 5 noun declensions.
  • How can beginning students compose in Latin?
  • Also--Whatever issues in Latin that YOU bring up.

Session Dates:


More Information:

This will be a 8 week workshop (times tba) in Latin grammar. Even if you already know most of the basics you can gain a new perspective on Latin by getting a broad overview and tips for making the your study interesting. With all the great benefits Latin has to offer, why should it be reserved only for your children? Plus--your children will be able to succeed with their own Latin programs much better if YOU are studying it, too--and at a level that is appropriate for you, the teacher. In addition to the practical help you can give your children, the more you know about Latin the more sheer enthusiasm you can provide. When you begin to understand a subject, you become a natural teacher.

Sample Classes

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