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Beth Harvey set up this website many years ago to provide information about Summer Latin Workshops, which she had begun hosting online in about 2008.  Before this she had been doing them ‘in the flesh.’  The first one of these took place in 2002 in Colorado Springs–and since then she has done workshops in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Now the Harvey Center offers a variety of online courses and seminars from a classical, Christian perspective suitable for homeschooling students, their parents, and any interested adults. Through historically important texts, and thought-provoking lectures and discussion, we hope to inspire in our students a love for learning, not only for its real-world value, but also for the Christian, intellectual community it fosters.

In the spirit of this idea, The Harvey Center brings together several expert teachers passionate about their subjects—and passionate about helping homeschool parents—to provide an online course catalog from which homeschool parents can supplement their child’s education or audit courses themselves. Unlike many other online course offerings that assign work with little student-teacher interaction, Harvey Center teachers are committed to getting to know their students, helping them identify strengths and weaknesses, and sharing with them the joy of learning. The courses available this fall include Great Books, Latin,  Greek, and Literary Analysis.  Click here to learn more about our courses for this Fall.

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